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Top 5 Work From Home Jobs

Are you sick of the 9 to 5 grind?

Are you sick of making someone else rich?

Do you want to stay at home and work online for yourself?

Well these are the top 10 best jobs online!!

Working online takes commitment and belief that you are going to be successful, if you don`t have belief, then trust me, I would not even bother as you will give up at the first hurdle or disappointment, and boy will you get a lot of them!!

Do not forget that if you decide to go down the work from home path, then you will need to realize that you need to work, to make sure you have an income to support you. You will need to put in massive action to make sure you have a good income at the end of the week or month. But working online has so many benefits in everyway possible, for you and your family and friends!!

Just being able to watch your children grow up and seeing them at every stage of their development. You will never miss their first acting part or sporting triumph, you will be there to see them making you so proud of them. So many other parents cannot be there and they miss their childs defining moments in school, and time is sadly something we cannot turn back.

Well Lets Get Started With The Top 10


Well the first one is probably the biggest one that you have heard of, its really well known!! But you can make good money by offering your services on this platform, no matter what it is(as long as its clean) you can advertise it. And this site is Fiverr, you can actually still bet basic things for a Fiver, but most things cost a lot more than a Fiver. You can also offer upgrades too, so you can offer to get more things done or get it faster, by paying a little more!! 

Theres a lot of these sites and probably the most popular and well known is Upwork, but I find its really quite hard to get through their registration and you almost have to give them a resume with all your qualifications and experience noted down in your resume. Fiverr does not need any of this, its a site that lets you post jobs and if you cannot do the job, then people who buy off you will let it be known in their feedback, and you will soon loose any other jobs if you get any bad reviews. Fiverr is a great website to advertise your talents on, without the hassle of getting vetted, before being registered. 

If you are interested in advertising your talents, whether its creating websites, doing graphics, posters, writing jokes or whatever it is. You will be surprised how much you can do on Fiverr. Just click the buttons below to go to the website you would like to work on.


Why not test website and get paid for it!!

This is a great way to earn money online by just testing a website and video yourself doing it, whilst thinking aloud, basically saying exactly what you are thinking about how the website looks and feels. There are a lot of companies that will hire you for this task, but there a couple that are the best ones, that you need to apply for. The only downside to this sort of work, is that there are only a limited number of tasks per week and this means that you will only be working for a very small number of hours. But what you can do, is apply for all 3 of the best ones. This way you will get the benefit of all 3 companies and increase your working hours and pay by completing tasks given to you, by all 3 of them.

Image by 200degrees on Pixabay

But overall this is one of the best ways to get work online, that does not need any real qualifications. The only thing you need to be able to do is to be able to speak English and speak your mind aloud. Here is the list of the best companies to work with:-

  1. Usertesting
  2. Enroll
  3. Userfeel
  4. Startuplift
  5. TrymyUI
Usertesting Dashboard

So I would set up a new email address, so you can add this one email address to all of the website testing site, so all your emails from these sites just go to this one email address, that way, they will not get mixed up with all the other emails.  

Just search on google for the companies to join them, they should have a link either in the menu at the top or in the footer!!


Russell Brunson is the brains behind Click Funnels, the software every top marketer uses. Create funnels that automatically sell your products for you, whilst you sleep. The fact that you are earning money whilst you sleep is what is going to get you rich and create another successful business.



Survey sites are a good way to start making money online, but you need to realise that you are not going to get rich from it, its going to give you a steady income and you need to put in the hours needed to complete the surveys. But as a way to start earning money online, they are great!! 

You also have to realize that there are different ones too, some pay you vouchers, like Amazon vouchers or Shop Vouchers or there are some pay you direct to your PayPal account, it`s down to you to decide how you want to get payed, as to which survey you do. You need to understand that you will get a ton of emails, offering surveys constantly too.

Photo by from Pexels

There are numerous Survey sites, but some are better than others. Depending on the payment for completing the surveys or the payment type for completing the surveys. You will not get rich though, the payment is quite small, but completing a few surveys a day, will compound to several hundred dollars a month. A few of the good ones are

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Inbox Pounds or Dollars
  3. Vindale Research

It`s all about testing them yourself to find out which works best for you. Test them out and choose the ones that you like!!


Teaching English or any other language online is a really good way to earn money online, especially if it is your native language. Some of the teaching companies require degrees, but most require that you just have a good background in English or you are a native speaker. But they pay about $20 an  hour, which is a really good wage, especially because you are working from home. You can fix your schedule around your home life, so you can have the best life, with your family or doing what you like to do, you could just have this as your job, whilst creating a business online for yourself, that will pay you even more. This will create the freedom to concentrate on your business, whilst still working to support yourself.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

There are lots of online teaching companies on the internet, with various standards, conditions and requirements. Here are a few you could try!!

  1. VIP Kids
  2. Two Sigmas
  3. OnTue

There are so many more companies offering English Teaching jobs, Just look them up on Google, and pick the ones that you feel you will be successful at.


Appen is the best way to make money in my eyes online. Just by registering on the site and applying for the positions available, according to the country you are in.  There are so many positions available, like a Search Engine Evaluator or Social Medi Evaluator or you could apply for a translator position. Whatever you what to apply for, as long its for the country you are resident in, then you are good to go. 

Working online is same as any other job, you get what you put in to it. If you put nothing in to it, then you will get nothing out of it. But the difference with working online is that if you do not put 100% in, then you might walk away at the end of the week or month with nothing to show for it. So its even more important to make sure you are working hard and putting maximum effort in to it. 

Want to get working with Appen?        Click the button below to register…

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