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Fred Lam started out like everyone else, stuck washing dishes in a Restaurant and absolutely hating it. He used the money he earned to start a Shopify store and dropshipped all his products to his customers, direct from China.  This has made him a very successful Entrepreneur and made him a Millionaire. Now he is sharing what he did to get out of the job he hated and become one of the best known entrepreneurs.His YouTube channel is a hub of advice to help people be successful as him online.


Fred Lam, Entrepreneur

Fred Lam is a very well known entrepreneur, that has made millions with Drop shipping business. Starting from scratch, he was washing pots in a local Restaurant. He totally hated the J.O.B. but it was the push he needed to make his millions online. This is one of the reasons why you need a ‘Why’, something that is going to give you the push you need to get up everyday and work in your business. Using products to sell on the internet and drop ship them directly to your customer, from the supplier. You never have to touch the items or even see them in real life. You just see them on the website that Chinese suppliers use to sell their products, they have created


Dropshipping is where you sell something online, but you have the place you buy it from, send it directly to your customer. This means that you never touch the item that you are selling. You source a product generally from China on a few Chinese websites like:-

  1. Aliexpress
  2. Alibaba
  3. DH Gate

There is Walmart too that you can do the same thing too. The key to Dropshipping is getting a product that is big demand. Its quite often boring products that you would never have thought would have done well. But its a question of testing the products or using one of the many software’s that you can use to find out what the demand is for a product. The other biggest problem is the time it takes to arrive from China to the UK or the USA. 


This is what so many people are asking in today’s world, when the cost of living rockets up & up, and the value of money forever decreases. There is so much poverty in this world and you do not have to go to Africa to see it too, even in the richest countries in the world, there is poverty. So to be able to get a blueprint or a step by step guide, on how you have build a business online, with nothing!!

starting from zero, fred lam

Well, Fred Lam has documented and created a plan that you can follow daily, to create a blueprint on how to build your online business. His book is a worldwide best seller, which to me, is the proof you need, to be able to confidently buy this book and have the confidence it will be life changing for you. 

Nobody says it is going to be easy!! Because it really is not going to be easy. But, is it better to sacrifice 6 months of real hard work, than sacrifice a lifetime, your lifetime!!   I know what I would rather do!!…….

But if you take MASSIVE ACTION and I mean MASSIVE ACTION, then you will have the means by which to change your life and FIRE YOUR BOSS!!

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You will never regret it


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