“Jonathan Ball is a man whose vision in co-founding the Eden Project has enriched the lives of millions globally. How did this grow out of a small but lovely seaside town in North Cornwall (Bude) to embrace the world? Family values, beautiful childhood surroundings, yes – but most of all a superb education at Truro School, provincial by location, but universal in vision. Such education can – and ¬†doftenoes – encourage the development of a unique talent which might have lain dormant. ” Rev. Canon Michael Bourdeaux,Keston College, Oxford.

Jonathan Ball, co-founder of the Eden Project and author of The Other Side of Eden, gives an account of a childhood in Cornwall in the 1950s like no other.

Rich in place and character Jonathan Ball describes the philosophy of the Cornish people, his parents, friends and the town of Bude, a place enriched by a long history.

With a deep love and respect for those he knew he describes the ideas that have informed his architectural career.

Jonathan Ball is available to talk and lecture. In the first instance please email

Paperback: 118 pages, 68 black and white photographs.

ISBN 978-1-908867-29-2

FootSteps Press 2015

Available direct from author or from your local bookshop.