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Earn Tons Of Money On YouTube, Without Making Videos Yourself!

You want to make videos on YouTube, but the thought of going on camera scares the shit out of you?

You know YouTube is a video focused social media application!!

But how can I use it to earn money without going on camera?


There is a new way of putting videos on YouTube, without making or getting in front of the video camera. The new way consists of downloading other peoples videos, which is completely legal and no copyright or any other law will be broken. As long as the video is classed as a ‘Creative Commons’ video, then these can be downloaded and then uploaded back up to YouTube as your own work. Some of these videos have got millions of views and if you add similar tags as the original, you can be assured that yours will also get tons of views!!

Just make sure it has the ‘Creative Commons’ option selected in the search filter, then you are away. Select videos with viral views, something like 5 million views, download it, do a bit of editing on a free video editor, like imovie or one similar. Then create a new thumbnail for it, one that really stands out and add a new title too. A title really works better if people think its new, so if you can add ‘2019’ in the title, that would make it stand out too

Just look at the views on the bottom video!! it has got a whopping 40 million views, and you can download it and just do a little editing on it and then re-upload it, with a brand new thumbnail and add ‘2019’ to the title, how many views do you think you will get? 

Just add similar tags as the original and you are on to a winner, the views you will get will be in the millions, as there are so many train fans out there.

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