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Manifesting Your Dreams

Why Won`t My Dreams Manifest?

Are you trying to get your dreams to manifest, but no matter what you do, they just fail to manifest.  You have watched the film ‘The secret’ so many times, that, you know it word for word! But you are still waiting for you dreams to manifest!!

One of the biggest ways to get your dreams manifested, is to be grateful for everything you have now. If you are not grateful for everything you have now, then why should the universe give you anything else? It’s basically same as what your Mother & Father taught you when you were growing up, to be grateful for the things that people buy you. If you were ungrateful for the things you were bought, then nobody would buy anything for you again. This is exactly how the universe works too, if you are ungrateful for the things it has already granted you, then it will not grant you anything else.  

Dreams Keep You Focused

Dreams Are Your Future

Dreams are your life, they are the things that you are striving for everyday! Everyday you wake up, you need to think about what you want out of the day, what you are going to personally do to forward your goals to get you to the next stage. When you wake up, spend 20 minutes thinking about what you want and imagine holding it in your hands or walking through it. But imagine it in great detail, what colour you want, what colour the walls are or what flooring you gave got down. Whatever it is you are wanting, you need to be very specific as to what you are requesting, if you are not, then the universe will not know what you want. But also with a grateful heart, you still need to be grateful for what you have been graciously given already.

You Will Never Know How True The Magic Lamp Is!!

Never Disregard Your Magic Lamp!!

Aladdin you thought was just a fairy-tale, but let me tell you that you too could be getting your 3 magic wishes too! As long as you follow the path each day, you will receive whatever you  want. It just does not appear, you have to put some work in for it too, but it will be yours, as long as you have a grateful heart and know that you already have it, and you are waiting for the universe to deliver it. Just tell your genie every morning what it is you want, with a grateful heart and know that you already have it. But as it tells you in the film, the genie will give you whatever you want, good or bad, so make sure you eliminate all negative thoughts. Negativity breeds, so all negative thoughts must me killed. 

Think Like You Have Sent Your Dreams To Santa

Have you been a good boy or girl?

Well you send your child’s gifts off to Santa, for him to deliver them on Christmas morning. Well. just imagine sending your goals and dreams to Santa and waiting for Santa to deliver them back to you, it’s not a question of if, but just a question of when they will be delivered back to you. You are sending them to Santa for safe keeping, ready for when the universe says you can have them. 


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