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The law of Attraction is one of the natural laws!!

It is exactly the same as the Law of Gravity, if you throw a ball up in to the air, you expect it to come back to earth again. If you jump off a cliff, you expect to hit the bottom very hard indeed(please do not try this at home, you will lose!!)

The exact same applies for the Law of Attraction, if you think constantly about what your goals and dreams are, then they will come true, because this is something constantly on your mind. But this just not just apply to your goals and dreams, it also applies to your fears too. If you constantly thinking about your fears, then these will manifest just as easily as your dreams. So you need to be extra careful that you eradicate your fears from your mind, but how do we do this?

Keeping Your Fears Far Away

Your Fears are so easily manifested, due to our minds. We are so wishing our fears not to manifest themselves to ourselves, but because its our fears, we tend to constantly think about our fears, rather than our dreams. But how do you stop your mind switching back to your fears, instead of your dreams? This is the hardest part, and where most people fail, But you have to take control of your thinking constantly and if your fears pop in to your head, then you need to squash them straight away. 

How Do I Stop Thinking Negatively?

Just being around negative people or hearing negative comments can have a massive effect on your mindset. Your Mindset is the most important thing to you, that can massive repercussions for your motivation. Its our Mindset that helps our minds focus on the tasks ahead and gives us the motivation to do the tasks ahead. If we get a bed mindset, then these tasks will seem as a chore and we wont put the whole 150% we need to put in to make them work. If you feel negativity creeping in, then we need to start thinking of all the things we are grateful for. We all have so much to be grateful for, for a start, you woke up today(I hope). Why don`t you start making a list now of all the things you are grateful for. Once you have done your list, keep it in your wallet or purse, so when you start the negativity creeping in, then get your list out and start feeling grateful for all the things on your list, that you need to be grateful for. This will destroy the negativity and keep your mindset intact. 


Gratefulness is the key!!

The key to manifestation is Gratefulness. Being grateful for the things that we already have in our hands and not the things that we want. Being grateful for the things we already have shows the universe that we are worthy to receive the universe`s blessing and so it will gladly manifest so much more to us. 

But one of the most important things is to picture in your minds eye what you are wanting, not just a car or a house or whatever it is you want. Do not think of the generic item, but lets say for example a car, it has to be very specific in every detail. The make and model of the car, the colour, any extras, and spend 20 minutes in a morning, just picture yourself sitting in the car and feeling the steering wheel in your hands, the sweat on your hands as it grips the wheel. and picture yourself driving it down the highway. Feel yourself as you put your foot down on the accelerator and feel the force push you in to your seat as the car accelerates very quickly. 

Do this everyday, in the morning and you will be well on your way  to your dreams!!

Go High Speed To Your Dreams

So To Summarize This Post!!

So to summarize what you need to do to get the best out of the Law of Attraction.  The first thing you need to keep what you want, right there in your mind, imagine already holding the item or keys, imagine walking in to the house, what it looks like inside, how it smells, the pictures on the wall or if its a car, what make and model it is and the color too, is it a flame red or lime green? Whatever color you would love, thats what you to see in your mind, how the doors open and whats the interior like, imagine gripping the steering wheel. You really have to go in to immense details about what you want, because the universe has to know this information, to make sure you get what your heart desires.

manifest your house

Never Lose Your Gratefulness!!

Gratefulness is the key to killing your negativity!!

Negativity will kill your dreams!!

Always be grateful for the things you already have. Never lose sight of your dreams, just for losing your gratefulness!! This is the number one key to the Law of Attraction!! 

Gratitude will kill the negativity, so if you feel the negativity creeping in, then kill it with your gratitude of the things that you already have and what you love. If you have children or grandchildren, then you are already in a winning state, because you have your children or grandchildren to be grateful of. Thinking of them will kill any negativity before it takes hold. But keeping your dreams in your mind constantly, is the hardest part of the process, because we think of so much during the day, that we let our minds run riot inside our heads. But we need to take control of our minds, bring it back in control of us. But the more practice you get at keeping your mind under control, the more you will get the hang of it, and the less times it will be allowed to wander with its thoughts…

I can honestly say that this program will help you get even more from the Law of Attraction. Just click the ad and watch the video to get more info.

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