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How To Build A Free Email List From Your Blog

Once upon a time people would give you their email addresses for nothing, they would give you their Email addresses, just for the sake of giving you their Email address. The word ‘Spam’ just did not exist, people were just happy to receive Emails. Emails were so few at this time, nobody in their personal life were using them. They might be using them in their work life, but personally, nobody really knew their email address and nobody understood how profitable they could be for marketing. So to actually get an Email, was so exciting and people loved to open them…..

Now People Hate Spam Emails - So They Hate Giving Out Their Email Addresses!!

Let`s Zoom Back To The Present Day

How times have changed!!

Now you literally have to blackmail people to give you their Email address, they certainly will not just give it to you. This is people are sick to death of ‘Spam Emails’ constantly filling up their email inbox. You do not just get the one email, its a constant stream of them, all trying to sell you things that you just do not want or need. You have to be able to give the person, something of interest to give you their Email address. This is called a ‘Lead Magnet’ in the Marketing world. This is where you offer the person you are talking too or is reading your blog or advert, either a E-book, PDF document or Video. These are usually giving great value or training on something of interest to the person. To get this ‘Lead Magnet’ they have to give you their Email address.

How Do We Record Their Email Address?

This is usually done by a Email Capture Page that is designed to get the information. Once the person clicks on to receive whatever you have as your ‘Lead Magnet’, it will automatically take them to your Email Capture page for them to input their information. It can record so much other data too, like their full name, phone number or postal address. You decide what information  you want the page to capture, but just remember, the more info you ask for, people are going to be less likely to give you that information. Most therefore just ask for first name and Email address.

The biggest system that lets you create your own Email Capture Pages is ‘ClickFunnels’ Click below to get a 2 week FREE trial now!!

But How Can We Build A List For FREE?

You will need to have a Blog to be able to use this method effectively!!

I know it costs a little each month for a Blog, but once you have your Blog, its so easy to maintain it and give tons of Value in it. The better value you put in to your Blog, the more people will keep coming back to your Blog to get the awesome value you are giving out. If you are asking how do you get the value to give out on your blog? Then there are tons of ways, the best way and the biggest FREE way, is with YouTube. The amount of great value on YouTube is infinitive, you cannot watch it all in a lifetime, as there are people putting great value on it, every minute of everyday!!

How Do I plan This Watching & Learning Value From YouTube Into My Day?

You need to plan your days out, from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, what you are going to do. If you do not do this, then you will not stick to a routine. Your day will be filled up with all sorts, and you will get nothing done. So start of with what you do when you first wake up. You need to stop what everyone does, and that is look at Facebook or your Emails. You need to spend the first 20 minutes focusing on mind and getting it ready for what you need to do. If you need to go to work, then you will need to start waking up a little earlier, to do this meditation and focusing on the mind. Its the most important time of the day, to get your mind focused on the day ahead….

Just spending time time focusing on your mind & the day ahead!!

Build Your Daily Schedule!!

Look at the rest of your day, if you have to work then you need to include that in to your schedule. Break your day up in to 30 minutes of the day. For example :-

7 am to 8 am Meditation & Get Up

8 am – 8.30 am Breakfast

8.30 am – 9 am Walk The Dog

9 am – 10 am Reading & YouTube

10 am –  10.15 Break

10.15 am –  12 Noon  Create Value Blog Post

Noon – 12.30 pm Lunch

12.30 pm – 1.45 pm Update Social Media Auto Poster software 

1.45 – 2 pm Break

But you get the idea!! break your day up in to manageable chunks, and include regular breaks too. You will not stick to this routine without them!!


Keep it achievable!!

You will not achieve anything if you feel it is not achievable.

Work with this list until it becomes a natural routine. Try not to break it, arrange other appointments for a certain time of the afternoon that you can assign for personal appointments, if needed

If you have to work, then you need to add that in to your day and plan your day around your work. It will be a little harder, but if you are determined to change your life, then you will do it!!!!


How Can I Build My List From My Blog?

Once you have your Blog, then it is pretty easy to build your list for FREE, directly from your blog. You have a base in which to get people to join your list and it is a base that you control, nobody can take that away from you. Build your traffic and the number of people coming back to your blog daily and you will see the number of people signing up to your blog, increase dramatically. This is one of the most important things you need to do, to make sure you have the best chance of making money online. The people on your list will have the Know, Like & Trust factor towards you and they will be more likely to pull out there Credit card for you and buy from you.

Have You Heard of Hubspot?

How do you build your list for FREE from your blog, this is done with a software called ‘Hubspot’ and this is a FREE software that can connect to your Blog to create great looking Email Capture pop-ups. This allows for your leads to give you their Email adress, but they are more likely going to it, if you can offer them something in return, for their Email Address. I will show you something I have done to offer as a reward for their email address….

A Great Way To Get Good At Marketing - FOR FREE

Hubspot is a free CRM that will take a record of all your leads and let you comment on them, whether you feel they are good or bad lead, lets you update the CRM on how far down the recruiting route they are. You can also record all the contact you have with that person and the outcome of any conversations you have. This will, if constantly updated, will give you at a glance view at the people that could be interested in the business. It also has a training university built in, to help you with your marketing, along the way. This is a great way to build your business from a newbie point of view. All you need to do is sign up at Hubspot to recieve great business system to smash your leads

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