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Every Business Needs Customers, Otherwise You Will Not Have A Business For Very Long!!

But How Can You Ensure You Are Getting A Steady Stream Of Customers?

Customers are the lifeline to every Business, like I said above, if you have no customers then you really do not have a Business. But getting the steady stream of customers can be quite frustrating & time consuming. One of the key factors in getting new customers is having the know, like & trust factor with your customers. But it is harder to build this with new customers, so the best customers you can target are the ones that have already purchased off you!!

Why Would My Customers Buy From Me Again?

Why wouldn`t they? if they got great service or product, then why would they not buy from you again?

You have built their trust in you, so they would have no problems in buying from you again. Its when you have not built this trust with your customers, that you are going to have problems in getting your customers to buy from you again. 

Building the trust and great rapport between you and your customers. Giving them a great experience and also giving them a great product, something that is going to work well for them and make them admit that it is one of the best products they have purchased. 

Anyone can sell products to their customers that they do not need or is not a great quality product. This is one of the worst things you can do for your Business. If your customers bought the product on your recommendation and they realize that it is something that they do not want or need?

Do you think they will buy as easy next time you recommend a product or service? 

No of course they will be more cautious next time to buy something you recommend!!

It is so important that you are honest with recommending products & services to your customers, that it is something that they need. One of the best things you could do, is select products that have a trial period, this way your customer can test it out for themselves. They will be able to see how much time or work it will save them or you can recommend products with a very low entry cost, but this might not give them entry in to all the key functions. The free trial is really what you should be aiming for, so your customers can get a good feel for the product

Will Your Customers Take Out Their Credit Card Easily?

Setting Your Business Up Properly Is Key To Selling To Your Customers Again

Setting a Business properly is key to getting your customers to buy again. If you try to sell them a $10.000 product as their first purchase, you are going to find it extremely hard. No one is just going to give you their credit card details for that amount, without a massive amount of trust. It`s going to take you a long time build that trust up and just one flicker of a scam or something not right, you will lose them totally. The chances of them becoming a customer in the future is very slim, if not, totally impossible. You have lost them for good and really nothing you can say is going to change their minds. That little seed has been implanted in their minds, that says something is wrong!!

Instead, start off small and build up bigger. Start of with an entry level product and build upwards. Someone is going to be more willing to pull out their credit card for a fee of $50 or $99, than they would $10.000. It takes far less trust to spend this small amount and they will not feel as stressed out if they do not like it or feel it is not right for them. Then when you email them about an upgrade to the system they have already got, they will be so more inclined to invest in the upgraded system. The trust is already there, they know amd like you and know they can trust you and the system to make their life even easier and help their Business make even more money or whatever they want and need the system for………….

Are Your Customers Ready To Do The Deal To Upgrade?

A System To Automatically Designed To Sell Your Upgraded Systems!!

What you need is a system that designs funnels that automatically sets up funnels that sell, without the selling!!

That is the beauty of selling, letting the customer know that he needs a product, without selling it to him!!

This is an affiliate offer, this is where if you buy the product, then I get a small commission paid to me by the company that owns the product I am promoting. This does not mean that have to pay more, my commission comes directly from the company and has no effect on the price you pay!!

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