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Starting your blog can be quite a daunting process,    what do I talk about?     Why will people read my blog?       What type of person will be bothered what I say?    I`m a nobody, so what authority do I have?   Yes we have all had these thoughts and they have the same effect on people now earning six figures with their blogs, so do not let these put you off. 

Is it because you are not technical that you worry about starting your blog?

You do not need to be technical to start your blog, its just a matter of pushing a button and your WordPress website will be live and ready to go. I`t will be ready for you to personalize it, to make it your own website, full of all the great posts that people are going to keep coming back for more…


We all have our story to tell, no matter what it is. Telling your story will help other people with the same problem, especially if you have come through the other side of it, successfully. There is not only you that have the same problems and they are looking for the solutions to the problems too, so if you have got the answer to the problem, then so many people will thank you. This is the reason why you will have authority and have other people wanting to know your story.

This is how people now earning 6 figures with their blogs started off, exactly in the same place you are now. Every single website started off with a blank canvas, and they have all been molded in to the websites they are today, whether you love them or hate them. The creator of each website all had the seeds of doubt and negativity creep in. They have all thought about the design of their website, how it was going to look like. Is my niche going to be popular and what part of my niche should i concentrate on, we all have  thoughts like these. 


The first thing you need to do is to find a web hosting service, you can get a great deal with Dreamhost, with just 1 click WordPress install and with great price deals, you cannot ask for anything more.

Just click this link or the picture above to join

One of the first things you will need to do is to choose your theme that you would like to use, the theme I use on my blog is called ‘Ashe’ it has a FREE option or you can get so much extra things if you go for the PAID option.

Here is a link to this theme, if you would like to know more 

There are tons of other themes that you can choose from too, lots of them are FREE and are really great themes, there are themes that are specially designed for different types of websites, for example there are themes for eCommerce sites, different niche blogs or company websites. So it might be better to look for a theme that has been designed for your niche. 


The best thing i advise you to do, is to try several themes and then stick to the one that you feel is the best for you and your website. You will look at the front page and you will instantly see what you can do to the different elements of the front page, to make it your website. Once you have made it yours, then you should be well away to get the best out of the theme you have chosen, and to make it yours. You are finally on the path to creating your story!!


Plugins are an important part of creating a website, there are certain Plugins that are essential for keeping your website safe and always accessible. There are tens of thousands of Plugins to choose from, but have too many Plugins on your website will make it slower when loading, and this will turn people off from viewing your website. That is something that you do not want to happen, as you want people to visit your website and come back, time and time again. But as long as you stick to the essential plugins, then you should not effect the loading speed of your website. 

A Small Selection Of WordPress Plugins


Once you have your Theme and your essential Plugins, then you need to start creating your content to make your website yours!!

Now its time to create your great content, thats going to get all your viewers captivated and keep them coming back for more, but where do i get great ideas for the posts that going to create me a six figure income? 

Well think about your journey!!

Your journey has probably been strewn with success and failures!!

So think back on these and these will give you the basis for the great value thats going to help other people on their journey too

You can do posts about things that have gone really well for you and caused you to have success. Success is measured in so many ways, not only in financial and becoming a six figure earner, yes this is the ultimate success. You can little successes, that all add up to the big, ultimate success. 

So many people are trying to be successful online, and are just starting out on their journeys, so your experience is going to invaluable to them. So do not think that any experience you have gained on your journey is not valuable, its all valuable to somebody else. They want to be able to get where you are fast and without much failure. If you can lead them away from things that do not work, then they will be so thankful. 


How are you going to monetise your website?

There is so many ways you monetise your website, not just with theme affiliate offers or anything to do with WordPress. One of the biggest ways you can monetise your website, is with Amazon, with the millions of products they have on offer, there is always something for everyone. sadly, the commission is very low per sale. But there are so many other ways you can monetise your website. There are websites you can get up to 75% commission per sale, these are websites that sell digital products like Clickbank or Shareasale. There are CPA programs that do not cost the person viewing the offer any money, just their Email Address and you get paid for that.

Making Money For The Average Person

One of the other ways to monetise your blog, is by promoting an online course that teaches people how to do a certain thing, like for example blogging to create an income. If you are doing a blog about ways to make money online, then there is a course about blogging by the website ‘Mom makes Cents’ that gives you a good commission on people buying the course, but if they are reading your blog about Blogging, then they are interested about creating a Blog, and especially interested about making money from it!

I will do another post especially about this online e-learning training course. It`s one of the best courses available to teach you how to blog and promote your blog through Pinterest.

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