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I will being helping people creating a life for themselves, by blogging. This is a great way to make money online, by giving great value and helping people make great choices by promoting awesome products to help them better themselves!



Living life the way to want to live it is everyone’s dream, but most people cannot do it, due to life demands and how you have created your life, from the pressure put on you to live a normal life!!   We put so much pressure on people from such an early age, about how your life should be!! From leaving school, you are advised to go to college and then go to University, where you start your life of debt. It costs you so much money to go to University, and most graduates do not get a job in the profession they trained for in at University.  Then you start a relationship and eventually get married and buy a house, this is the biggest thing that is going to keep you tied to your job and the UK for most of your life. Then once you have payed off all your debt, then you start enjoying your life, but that is 25 years later, when health problems start creeping in. 

You start a family and have some lovely children, but work commitments say you have to miss most of their early years, due to being at work. All their memorial events in school, that only happen a few times in their life, like playing in the nativity or their first lead part in the school play or even their first big sports match when they are looking for the support of their parents and you want to see and be so proud of them. But you miss most of these due to work, and you long to be able to see them. You spend your life making someone else rich and let them be able to see their children grow up, with be with them at all their important events!!

All because they did not want to help make someone else rich, that they decided to work for themselves and be successful! They can watch their children and be proud of them in their special events. But it does not mean that you are sidelined to work for someone and miss all the best things in life. You have as much opportunity as anyone else, to be able to create a life for yourself.  

You only have one life and to use it to make someone else rich and let them have the best things in their life, seems to me, a complete waste!!

Everyone has the same importance and if you want to be able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, then the internet has changed everything, for everyone!!

No longer is it the case that you need lots of money behind you or you need to have an Oxford degree behind you. One of the biggest entrepreneurs on the planet creates YouTube videos on his Cellphone, no cuts or edits, just him, where he is, just talking and filming himself on his Cellphone, and he is one of the most successful Entrepreneurs on the planet, so if he can make tons of money with his Cellphone, then what is stopping us?

Blogging is the best way to create a relationship with your readers and connect with them. Just by creating a situation in your blog and also creating a resolution for the problem, will be music to your readers ears, because they will probably be going through the same problem, but not experienced the resolution. Immediately they will create a bond between them and the blog author and have the trust to be able to buy something, you are promoting!!

Just do not settle for second best, you are worth so much more. Create a life for yourself, a life that lets you do what you want to do. Life needs to be lived, you only have one life, so make it count. Don`t live your life creating a better life for someone else, especially when you can create it for the most important person in your life – YOU!!