As you will know, Mindset is one of the most important things that will make you either successful or unsuccessful. Getting your mindset is more important than any task you need to do. If your mindset is not right, its totally pointless trying to create a business for yourself, as you will have failed before you even start!!

Mindset is key to success, but sadly its the biggest thing people starting new businesses do not concentrate on. Its something that you have to concentrate on, just as much as you concentrate on your business. Its so easy for the doubt and the negativity to creep in by the back door. There are so many ways it can creep in, it could be the people you are associating with or it could be that success is taking a little longer than you thought it would do. We as human beings are so quick to expect everything to happen, like yesterday. But everything takes time, just because you have started a new blog, and put up your first post. You will not get many views on that post, but people expect the post to be knocked offline due to the amount of people viewing it. This is a vision of dreams, in reality, you will have to work hard to get a steady flow of people to your website. But its really no different to anyone else, unless you are a popular brand, people just will not know who you are. 

Positive Thinking is Key

Be Positive, But Humble!!

Always be positive and keep your goals and dreams constantly in your mind and visualize your dreams daily, but be humble enough to be grateful for what you have already got. There is always a temptation to be concentrating on your goals and dreams and forget what you have already been blessed with. But what you to have think about is, why should you be blessed with anything else that is good, if you are not grateful and happy. Being happy is really key, if you happy, then you are generally grateful for what you already have. You have to find the happiness in your life, money can not buy it. It can help you with whatever you want to do, but it will not make you happy. You have to find your own happiness within yourself. Your family and friends should be bringing you everything you need. You can be successful and go out and buy the fastest car in the world, but if you have no one to share that with, its not going to take you long to get bored. You can buy a mansion, but its going to be a very lonely house, if you have no one to share the house with, you are not going to be happy still. It will probably make you more depressed as you will be a very lonely person. Having someone that is positive and happy to share your life with, is the key to success. You do not need to get the fastest car in the world and neither do you need to get the biggest mansion you can buy. Just having a nice car that you both like with a nice moderate house that is cosy and home for you both, this is all you need.

Negativity is a Killer!!

Negativity is really a massive killer, its a killer of dreams and peoples life

Listening to other peoples moans and complaints, listening to people talk about other people  or listening to other people talk negative about your goals and dreams, is going to kill so many dreams!!

We need to constantly think positive about everything and listening to negativity breeds negativity. Do not listen to people talking about other people or someone pulling your dreams down, kindly say to them that you are not bothered to hear negative things about other people. Distance yourself from negative family members and friends, if they want to destroy their goals and dreams, then let them. Just do not let them destroy yours. You can just as easily wish bad things on yourself, just as easily as you can wish good things. It works both ways, there is no difference.

Magic Genie

Your Wish Is My Command!!

Imagine a magic genie, it will give you whatever you want.

If you wish for a fast sports car, then the genie will reply with ‘your wish is my command’ just the same as if you say ‘is there another debt letter going to drop on my doormat today’ the genie will reply with ‘your wish is my command’  and you guessed it, there will be another debt letter on your doormat waiting for you!! 

So whatever you wish for, chances are, its going to eventually appear if this is constantly on your mind. But you might be thinking ‘I have to be constantly thinking about something, for it to happen!’

Yes, this is true, but negativity breeds negativity. So if you are negative about one thing, this will breed until the negativity will cover so much more, without you realizing it!!

So to stop this, you need stop the negative thoughts completely and only let in the positive aspects of life be with you and surround you.  


- Be A Magnet For Your Dreams -

The key to be the magnet to your dreams, is to visualize them everyday, just spend 30 minutes per day in meditation. Just pick a quiet part of the day, the best day is in the morning, get up early before anyone else and choose a spot where you know its going to be quiet and you can meditate peacefully. I would say the best place is outside on a patio or in an open space, as long its quiet. But that all depends on the weather, so inside is OK too.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels

During your meditation, just picture yourself already having receiving the thing that you want. Whatever that may be, whether its a Sports Car or a new house on the beach in the Philippines, with an infinity pool and Tennis courts. Whatever you are wanting, in your minds eye, see you enjoying it already. See yourself swimming in your Infinity Pool and looking up to your house. 

Be specific, know how many rooms you want, how many bathrooms it will have. Know know big the pool is and what the games room is like. What the color of the walls are, even down to the pictures you have on the wall. Just enjoy seeing all of this information, to make sure the Universe knows what you want. Focus on the feeling of what it is like to hold on to the steering wheel of the car, and what the interior of the car is like. See what the color of the car is on the outside and any other modifications you want on your car. 

This is so important, that you show the Universe what you want specifically. If you do not let it know, how can it give you exactly what you want. If you say you want a car, it could be any car!! So you could get an old banger of a car, but you have still got a car!! So be specific and take the time to visualize the things you are wanting. 

But do not forget to still be grateful and humble to everyone. There is a good quote

‘Be so happy that all your enemies hate you even more’ 

Your enemies will want to destroy your happiness and if you will not let them destroy it, then they will hate you even more. Eventually they will cut all ties with you and leave you alone, because they have no effect on you, the only people they are hurting are themselves. This will allow you to concentrate on the people that you want in your life, the positive people and the people that have got what you want. Just focus on these and you will have no option than to be successful, as we are a product of the people we associate with. So if we mix with negative people, then we will be a negative person, like the people around us. But if we mix with successful people, then we will be successful like them, as they will motivate us to be successful like them. 

We all have the option to make our lives successful or not. 

Choose Success For Yourself

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