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Getting The Best From Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Do You Need More Hits On Your Website?


Are You Needing More Customers?


Then one of the biggest keys to getting tons of Traffic to your websites, is by utilizing Pinterest!!

Social Media like Facebook is good for getting traffic too, but it is so much slower and you have to put in so much work to get the momentum built up to get the flow of Traffic that you need to smash the sales target. 

Instagram is supposed to be the up and coming Social Media channel, but the way that Instagram works, is the only web link you can have is on your main page. This is the downside to Instagram, as your potential clients need to physically go to your main page on Instagram to click to your website. You can have a tag that automatically links back to your main page, then they can click on your link quite easily and the use of Tags is really good in Instagram.

Instagram Tags For Life!!

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is actually a Search Engine!!

It is not as popular as Google, but if need to find out about how to do anything, then Pinterest is the place to go. Type in the search bar and watch as all the Pins fill up your screen. No matter what you would like to know, there will be Pins for that niche or problem. All the pins will have a link to go too, whether its a Blog Post or a page that is selling a product to help eradicate a problem. 

How Can Pinterest Help My Business?

Pinterest is one of the best Apps to help increase trade in your business, as a very percentage of people on Pinterest will get their credit card out and buy something off your website. That is so much more than the people on Facebook or Instagram. The difference is the fact that people on Facebook or Instagram are actually just being social, they are not looking to buy something, they are on Facebook or Instagram to see what their friends or family are doing, not buy anything. This means your adverts need to really stand out and stop them in their tracks, so they stop scrolling and click on your advert.


On Pinterest they actually looking for something they need help with, no matter what that is. Whether it is to earn money from home or to loose weight, they will get great information and tips or a promotion for them to buy a product to help them with that problem. This is how you get them to buy your product, it is going someone to get over a certain problem they have…..

How To Get The Best From Pinterest!!


Well, How do you get the best from Pinterest?

Pinterest is good, because you can get a massive engagement with no so many followers, but you have to know what you are doing first!! You need to get your Pin to go viral, this can be done quite easily, but the first key is your Pin design on Pinterest. If your Pin is not designed well, then you are not going to have many people click on your Pin. This is the same as your thumbnail on YouTube. You might have the best video on YouTube, but if your thumbnail for your video is boring, then you are not going to get the views on YouTube, no matter how great your video is. This is the same on Pinterest, its your Pin thats going to get people to click on your Pin, if your Pin design is boring, then people are not going to click on your Pin. 

How Much traffic are Your Pins Turning Away?

You do not need to be tied to your Smartphone or Laptop to be posting your Pins on Pinterest. You need to have an auto poster, to post your Pins at the best time to get people to view your Pins. The best one that I use is Tailwind, there is a Free or Paid subscription. I think the paid subscription is the best service, as the Free one is very limited. You can start with the free subscription first, to get a feel for the service. 

Tailwind Tribes!!

But the best part of Tailwind is the fact that you can join ‘Tribes’ and post content in to these groups. Everyone have to follow the group rules and share other peoples content too, on your boards. But if you are willing to share these Pins, then the amount of views you will get on your Pins, will explode. It will have a massive effect on the number of views on your blog. 

How Much value Are You Giving?

Giving lots of Value in your posts is the absolute key to get people coming back to take in your awesome value. If your posts give great value and value that is true, then you will get a regular traffic to your blog. People are looking for advice and tips to get out of the 9 to 5 rat race and to be able to enjoy their lives, without the hassle of the 9 to 5 ruining it. 

Where Do I Get Great Value To Share?

Great value comes from other sources, things that you read or watch on YouTube. These are where you will get tons of value, either reading books or watching videos on YouTube from the top people in our industry. There is a great acronym that I love

Learn – Do – Teach

You don`t even need to be a master of it yourself, it is literally learn something, do it yourself and then you can teach it to other people. How easy is that!!

You do not even have to have to read a book that you want to read. You can now have someone read it to you, whilst you relax in the evening or whilst you are driving or doing what you want to do. Just make sure you are paying attention to the audio though, else you will not take anything in. Audible is a great way to listen to some great books on running your own business.

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