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Life is an adventure that we need to be constantly pushing ourselves, to take your life to the next level. Dont treat life as the way most people look and treat their life, to work to make a month to month wage and make someone else rich, and then when the time finally comes when you can start enjoying your life, you cant, because health problems start creeping in…

During our childhood we are constantly exposed to how we are supposed to live our lives. By constantly getting in to debt, from studying at University and then finding the love of your life and getting married, then once you are married, you will need a house to live in, so you get a mortgage to pay for a nice house, then you start a family. Before you know it, you are hitting the half century mark and you are looking forward to paying off your mortgage and retiring!!


How Do I Know If A Country Is Safe?

Just the opportunity of being able to go away and doing exactly what you want and experience great things, what this planet has to offer. From the Jungles, to the desserts and the glaciers, there is so much to experience. Being able to witness different customs and meeting beautiful people. 

I love south east Asia and the customs there, but you might say I am biased, as my family is Filipino, but you might like the central Americas and the small countries separating the Americas. I also love New Zealand and its awesome landscape, with its unspoiled countryside. 

But no matter where you go, just make sure you are going to safe, sadly not all countries are safe to go too. The best website to visit to know how safe a country is the Foreign Office website, this will give you the best advice as to whether the country is safe to go too

But there is so much to see, and if you follow your common sense and your hunches, this will keep you safe. If you want to make sure you are safe, then you could go with a reputable company that will organise everything for you, and you will be 95% safe, obviously there is always a bit of danger in whatever you do. You could get knocked over just going to the shop across the road, so how much more travelling thousands of miles, but if you let that bother you, you wouldn’t do anything. 

The Northern Lights

I will reserve this post for giving you only the best offers for a great holiday at great prices, keep watching here for the best chance to have the best experiences of this amazing planet!!

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