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Basic SEO For Beginners

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SEO is super important to get found online, if you don`t have basic SEO, then you will find it hard to get found online, but how do we do it?

The key to SEO on your blog is through, what we call long tailed keywords, these are short sentences that will attract the focused people in your niche!! We call them targeted leads as they are specifically attracted to your niche. There is no point in getting people interested in Cake decorating in to your niche, which is make money online. As soon as they land on your website, they will click off it straight away,because it is not something they are interested in, although cake decorating will make them money, its not their interest. You need to attract people in your niche only, as people not interested in your niche will hurt your stats for your blog. If you try to attract everyone, then you will get no one, you need to work to attract a certain crowd , that will buy from you.

How Do You Make Sure Your SEO Is Effective

Basic SEO is specifically completed on all blogs the same way, no matter your niche. It all works round your keywords that you choose, your long tailed keywords!! Just by adding these in to your title of you blog and in a few places in your blog content, this will help the search engines pick up your blog and rank it quite highly(hopefully) The biggest mistake people do is to try to rank their blogs on the the most ranked for keywords, like make money from home’. The competition for ranking with is keyword, is virtually impossible, as its so popular, you need to work on a bigger long tailed keyword like for example – how to be successful working from home – You will have more chance ranking for this, as the competition will be lower. It makes sense that higher the competition, the harder it is to rank high on Google. Download the keywords everywhere extension for Google Chrome, to find out the best Keywords in your niche.

Keywords everywhere

What are long Tailed Keywords?

What do you think Long Tailed Keywords are?

They certainly are not phrases that have long ending to them!!

There is so much competition with Keywords on the internet that it is extremely hard to get listed on the search engines, with the common Keywords. To use a general keyword is the worst thing you can do in SEO, you need to be specific to your niche. To have a general keyword, like for example, internet marketing, you will not get the kind of people that you need to attract. This is why you need a specific niche, a niche that is really specific to what you are talking about on your blog or business. If your blog is about network marketing, you cannot use network marketing as your keyword, as this will never rank on search engines, you need to use keywords that is not as popular as the main keywords, but they are so much easier to rank for. But they still have got lots of searches on these keywords, but not obviously as much as the main keywords. But the beauty of long tailed keywords are the fact that you can be specific to the audience you want.

Over Using Keywords!!

Keywords are key to getting ranked on the internet and getting found. Getting a specific niche and finding the best keywords, so that you will have the best chance of ranking high up on the search engines. It certainly is not a case of finding the highest rankings, as you will find it really hard to rank high on Google, with the top keywords. Its a case of finding the low hanging fruit of keywords, that is not the top keyword, but has a good search total each month. 

It is best practice to add your keywords in to your blog, but you can overuse your keyword. So just keep this in mind when you are doing your blog. Make sure your title has your Keyword in it, but then you also add your keyword a few times in to your blog, spaced out over your blog post.

Back Link Your Blog!!!!

What is Back Linking you ask?

Back Linking is when you link back to your Blog from different websites, the better the website, the better the Back Link. This could be from your Facebook Page or from a Directory, anything you can basically put a link on, is called a Back Link. Google determines on the quality of the Back Link, depending on the Website the link is on. The better the quality the back link determines how Google see’s your website. 

Avoid getting too many back links to your website, as this can have the opposite to the desired effect. It can turn Google off your website completely and it will see your website as spam. Once Google have basically labelled your website as spam, then you might as well scrap it, as its virtually impossible to get the label removed by Google. 

Get Great SEO For A Fiver!!!

SEO is great and done correctly can be amazing for getting people to your website, all thanks to Google, but do it badly, and it can have drastic consequences for your website. It could very easily be lost in the oblivion, what we know as the internet!! The Internet is like the Universe, Imagine your website as a star in the universe, among the millions of other stars, all shining out to be seen, but easily lost within the multitude of the other stars screaming out to be the brightest to be seen. Your website needs to be shining out the most, to make sure Google will see it and make it a sun, by putting it on page 1 on google. 

The easiest way to make sure you are going to get the best SEO for your website, is to buy the services from an SEO expert on Fiver, for what it is going to cost you, its so much easier to get it done professionally, from someone who knows what they are doing.  Have a look at a few SEO experts advertising on Fiver, do not go for the cheapest, go for someone that has great reviews and you feel comfortable with. Organise a Skype meeting with them, so you can discuss your requirements, and this way you will be able to get a feel for what they are like. 

Great Tools To Use - FREE!!

We all like things that help us, but even better when they are FREE!!

But then you think that you are only going to get a trial or a limited service, without paying for it.

We have all had that, haven’t we, you see an advert for a software, showing how good it is. The wording on the advert makes out that it is FREE, but then you download it or create an account online, to find out that to get the full service, you need to pay an hefty sum of money!!

But let me tell you some great ways to get great Keywords for your website, for free!!

The No. 1 of those is actually Google itself. All you have to do is type in the long tailed keyword that you want keywords for. So for example, type in  ‘How to make money online’ in the search bar, then once you have finished you will see lots of similar phrases underneath, these are the highest searched things on Google


Google is actually giving us the best keywords to use and as google is the system that most people use everyday to search for the websites they need, then we need to use the information Google gives us freely. 

Another way to get FREE SEO keywords is by downloading an extension on Google chrome, called Keywords Everywhere. All you need to do is go on the Google Chrome store and type in Keywords Everywhere and this will bring up the extension. Install it and everytime you search anything on google it will tell you so much info, the best keywords for the search. It will show you the related keywords and what other people searched for, relating to what you searched for. 

The Best Paid App Available

Probably the best app online that is chargeable per month. This means that you will be charged every month to use the software, but is the best way to get on top of your SEO and get noticed quickly and ranked higher and get to that special place of page 1 on Google. Sadly with the internet, there is so much competition and it not just happen, you have to make it happen. Semrush is key to making it happen, quickly and so much easier than it is, if you don`t have Semrush.  Free is good, but paid is so much better, as it is quicker to get to your goal. 

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