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You have spend hours & hours planning, designing and creating your Blog, but nobody is seeing it!! How do I get the masses of people that deserves to see and read my Blog?

It`s a fact that Blogging is a very time consuming experience, firstly to have to plan your Blog, then designing what your blog is going to look like, what Theme is it going to have and what is it going to look like visually. Then once you done all that, then you have to sit down and physically create it on WordPress or another website creator!! Viola, your Website looks amazing!! now to get people to visit it and see your amazing posts, but how? how do you get your Blog in front of thousands of people?

Is It Paid or Free?

There are 2 major ways to get Traffic to a website, there is the Paid way or the Free way. You can pay for adverts on numerous big websites, like for example Google, YouTube or Social media like Facebook, Twitter. But the one thing that defines all of these, is the fact that you have to pay to use them, but get your advert targeting wrong or other aspects of your ad wrong and it will cost you greatly as your advert is going to be ineffective.  If you are looking to use paid adverts, then skills you will need are:-

  • Copy writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Thinking Outside Of The Box
Graphic Design - Key To Going Viral

But if you can get these things all right, and your advert goes viral, then you can make an absolute fortune very quickly. There are agencies that will create your advert for you and this will help with its success, but this an extra cost on top of the actual price for the advertising. But if you have got an advertising budget, then paid adverts can be a good way to get people to your Blog, but it is not a cheap way. You can get them to sign up to your Blog by offering something in exchange for their Email address, like a Free Email Course or a Free PDF or Free YouTube Video Course. This way you can send them Emails offering different niche specific products.  

Free Is the Future!!

Getting Traffic by free methods is the best way, this does not cost you a bean, apart from your time!! If you are prepared to spend time promoting your Blog on social media, then you can get the same response from free ways as you would expect to get from paid ways. There is a specific way to get your blog in front of thousands of people, and not pay anything to get people noticing your blog. This is by utilizing Pinterest and pinning your way to success. There are numerous auto posters for Pinterest, but I prefer Tailwind. But you can use any Social Media to get visitors to your Blog. You can use Facebook groups to gain a following and gain trust with your group members and then you can promote your Blog and post your Blog Posts directly in to your group, with a link to your Blog. There are also Forums you can use too, the best one of these is Quora. You can`t just spam your links in these, you have to give value and then link to your blog for further information. But as you can see, this is just a small selection of ways you can utilize Social Media to your advantage. 

Image by Fabian Krüger from Pixabay


The best way to get traffic to your Blog, is through Pinterest. Pinterest is more like a Search Engine, than Social Media. So people are specifically searching for information on niche specific things.  So this means that they will be looking for some information that they need or want to take action on. For example, it could be a woman that is expecting her first child and looking for things to do when you first discover you are pregnant or again it could be a stay at home mum, that needs to earn some extra money online, as they are looking after their children at home, so is unable to go to work. The potential of this is massive, getting in front of the right audience has just been made so much easier. The fact that you do not have to pay to get in front of your potential customers, its the customers that are searching for you. 

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay



Facebook is one of the main Social Media channels to promote different products and businesses. It has over 3 billion people registered on Facebook, worldwide. So you will never have nobody to talk too. But one of the main downsides to Facebook is the fact that people are not on Facebook to buy anything or look at businesses. People are on Facebook to socialize and see what their Family and Friends are up to. So this makes promoting on Facebook a little more difficult, as you have to really catch someones attention to what you are promoting, to make then stop in their tracks and click on your advert or post. One of the best ways is to create a group around the niche that you are in, and get people who are also interested in that niche to join your group. 


One of the biggest things about getting sales on Facebook, is creating a good KLT factor. Your leads need to be able to trust you, before they will get their Credit card out. But before the trust can happen, they will need to get to know you and like you, once they have know what you stand for and what niche you are promoting, coupled with good reviews and they feel at one with what you are saying, then you will get their trust.

Once you have their trust, you will find that they will be happy to pull out their Credit Card and buy a product or service you are promoting. But this is something that does not happen overnight, it takes a while to build their trust. But the best and easiest way is by having them as part of your group and you adding value everyday to the group, They will see this value daily and their trust in you will grow substantially. 

Trusting is Key to a Great Relationship


Promoting on YouTube is also a great way to gain a massive traffic to your Blog post. YouTube is the biggest Video Search Engine, only 2nd to Google. But Google own YouTube, so if your video ranks high on YouTube, its also going to rank high in Google too. So if you have a video that goes viral on YouTube, it will naturally rank on Google on either the 1st or 2nd page, depending on the competition in the niche. 


Look on YouTube itself and see what kind of videos are trending, then you can try and base your video around the same kind of format as the other videos that are trending in your niche. You can also download the Chrome extension ‘Keywords Everywhere’ and this will show you the number of searches for every keyword. This is useful when you are looking for the tags for your video.  You can also download TubeBuddy and this will show all the information you need to know for other videos that are in the same niche as your video. There is a free version or a paid version, but I advise you to stick to the free version until you know it is working for you. But most of all it takes commitment and posting daily videos on YouTube for up to 90 days. Its same as anything, you are not going to be good at the beginning, but neither is anyone. It takes practice and getting confident in front of the camera. 

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

3 - Quora & Other Forums

These websites and formats are massively underestimated, if done properly, these are a massive way to get traffic. People are searching these sites for the answers to their problems or asking other questions if they cannot find one that they feel answers their specific problem. You cannot just go on to these websites and write a post saying ‘look at my website’ or answer someones question by just posting ‘look at my website for the answer’. You have to give value about the question being asked and then once you have given value, you can then link out to your Blog post for the readers to get more information or to contact you. But this is an awesome way to get a great amount of traffic to your blog and it will all be niche specific too.


There are 1000`s of different Forums for you to discover, with so many niche specific ones too. Just type in Google for the Forums in the Niche you are looking for. You will be amazed at the amount of Forums there are. 

Forums are a great traffic creator for your blog, but you have to do it properly. If you do not do it properly, you will get banned, no questions asked. So again you need to give value by answering the questions asked and then linking back to your blog if they would like to know more information. But before doing this, READ THE FORUM RULES!!. 

Most forums you will have to register and answer a few questions about why you want to join, answer these properly, as your answers will go to the Admin of the Forum and if they do not like your answers, then you will not get accepted, simples!!

Image by Paco Guio from Pixabay


One of the best things about Linked In is the fact that it is very Business orientated. Everyone on Linked In is very professional and is very Business savvy. Promoting business ideas or just promoting themselves to hopefully get a better job or promotion. There are no silly shenanigans, its just totally Business orientated. This means that it is easier to promote your business or service.

But also this could be seen as the downside to the community, as everyone is promoting a business and so there are no one to promote too. But that is untrue, if you have a good Business proposition or a top service, then you will have no trouble getting leads and sales on Linked In. 

I really like Linked In for the fact that it has the business atmosphere and you know that everyone feels that they have to fall in line and respect this fact. You do not see any silly posts, like you do on Facebook or Instagram. Its just totally Business orientated and I find it so much easier promoting on Linked In


Pinterest is the best way to get traffic to your website, as people are searching to discover answers to their problems, and your pin could be the answer to their problems. Pinterest is NOT social media, its a search engine!! Solving peoples problem daily, by searching on Pinterest, they can get great tips and advice on how to achieve success on eliminating their problems. People on Pinterest are more likely to spend money for products and services to solve their problems. By creating value on your blog in whatever niche you are Blogging about, you can then create great Pins and link out directly to your blog from your Pin. This is going to get you tons of traffic if you create a good pin. 

An Example of Pinterest Pins

How Can You 10X Your Traffic

Although Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog, there is a way to 10X your traffic through Pinterest. There are groups on Pinterest in thousands of niches, but they are hard to get in to them. Some of the most popular ones are no longer accepting people and the some of the ones I have tried just do not answer your emails. So after trying for a couple of weeks and sending numerous emails, I finally gave up.

But there is another way to get in to groups of people that post on Pinterest and also Instagram. This is through a website called ‘Tailwind’.  They are called ‘Tribes’ and they are a group of people all tied together by the fact they are interested in the same niche. This mans that you have a niche specific group of people, all wanting to find out answers to their problems in the niche. There is a free version, but I advise you to get the lowest paid version. This way you are able to find out so much more information about your Pinterest account and let Tailwind post when its the best time to post!!


Tailwind is so good at getting your Pinterest account organised. You can repin from the Tribes too and share other peoples pins, to your own boards. Tailwind will post them on your boards at the right time to get the most engagement. You can chat to other people in the Tribes too, so if you want some help or advice, then you can ask the other people in the Tribe. Why not try Tailwind Free, so you can see for yourselves how good it is.  You will not be disappointed about how good it is, you can also control your Instagram account too!!


So why do I prefer Pinterest?

Because the people that use Pinterest are searching for specific niche tips and ‘How to’ information, to help them be successful. So as long as you give good value and correct information, then you will very soon get ton`s of followers. These will constantly click on the links to your new posts and see you as an authority, in your niche. People everywhere are want to be successful in their niche and hopefully make some money out of what they enjoy doing. What a great dream it could be, to be able to make tons of money out of your favorite past time. Well, this is the reality with the Internet and Pinterest, Just keep the faith and be contented and be specific about your dreams, and they will manifest before your eyes. It might not be overnight and you are going to have to take massive action, but they will manifest as long as you stay contented and humble. Good luck…….. 

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