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5 Real Work From Home Jobs To Earn Up To $47/hr

Who would not like to work from home?

No Commuting, No stressful journeys to and from work!!

Flexible Hours – Family Time

No More Lunch Packs!!

As a Work from Home dad, I feel Blogging is by far the most profitable way to earn money online, for me. But I know it takes time to create a Blog and get people following it. This is the thing that takes the time and to be able to spend the hours creating it and writing the posts and then promoting it on social media etc. But if you can stay committed, then you can make a lot of money, by creating commission based adverts. 

But there are lots of other ways you can earn money online. You only have to go on YouTube to see how many ways there are to earn money online, there are millions of videos showing you so many ways to make money online. But the biggest key to every way to make money online, is taking massive action!!


Proofreading is the smart way to make extra money!!

You can even make some decent money as a beginner!!

All you need is to be good at English punctuation and spotting spelling mistakes

There is a woman that has been Proofreading from anywhere in the world and is making very good money from it. Her name is Caitlyn Pyle and she has earned thousands every year and has traveled the world many times, just proofreading other peoples Books, eBooks or whatever else they would like proofreading. With thousands of pieces being produced daily, there is no shortage of pieces to proofread. The key skills to a great Proofreader is speed and accuracy, and with a rate of $18 to $20, depending on your skill, you are on the road to a great career. You really do not need to be experienced to get employment in this industry, even if you have no experience you will get work and get paid for it.

Working From Home


Why would you want to do everything yourself, when you can hire a Virtual Assistant online to help you with your day to day business tasks, like emailing, phoning customers, marketing etc etc. You know the jobs just go on & on, and the hours of the day get less & less. So it would be great to get someone to help you with these mundane tasks. Although they are important, they can quite easily be done by someone else. So this where you come in, to help Business owners concentrate on making their Businesses profitable, than spending hour after hour completing these mundane tasks that you can complete. 

If you want to learn how to be a Virtual Assistant, but not sure how to go about it? then grab this FREE copy of 150 Virtual Assistant services you could very offer today!!

To make sure you are good Virtual Assistant, you need to be very proactive in what you do, attentive, sincere and have a good business mind and be good on the Internet. If you are good at these, then you could be demanding up to $80 per hour. This figure really depends on your skill set and experience, where you live and the amount of time you are prepared to work. You can find opportunities on Upwork  or Fiverr

Want more information? 

If you want more information, then you need to check out VA industry bible


Here`s everything you need to be an Virtual Assistant

-How To Become A Virtual Assistant-


The chance to a Freelance writer in this day & age, has never been better. The overall demand for writers and authors is expected to grow substantially in the next few years, due to the success of eBooks and Amazon Kindle. This is the best time to get in to Freelance Writing, its so easy to sell eBooks on Amazon

The high demand for writers showcases the demand and opportunities for you as writers to succeed as a Freelance writer. The best platforms to sign up for to begin your career  in Freelance Writing is on Upwork, as Odesk & Elance have merged top form the company we know today as Upwork.

If you would like to get in to Writing then Gina Horkey, the most successful Freelance writing business offers FREE training to ‘Kick-start your Freelance Writing’ You will learn everything you need, from choosing your niche to finding clients. This is a great resource to get you hitting the ground running – 30 days or less to Freelance Writing Success – You will not be disappointed!! 


Would you like to spend 30 minutes a day to test out Websites?

This is a great way to earn money online!!

It only requires you to test websites and think aloud about how the website is reacting and how it looks and how easy it is to around it. If you are happy thinking aloud in to a microphone and have someone watching you work the website via an online recording. Most of these tests only take around 20 minutes to complete and you can earn as much as $50 per test, if you have 3 of these, then you could be earning $150 per hour. The general pay is about $10 per test, which can still give you $30 an hour, which by any standards is a good rate of pay. You also need to be over the age of 18 too.

Testing How Fast The Website Runs

You need a computer with a good internet connection and  a microphone to get started. There are quite a few sites that employ you to be a Website Tester, but the best ones are as follows:-

  1. Usertesting
  2. Whatusersdo

Sign up to both of these sites and become a tester and take the sample test, before you will receive any invitations to take part in a paid test. You can live anywhere in the world, but you need to have a PayPal account, so you can get paid for the tests you complete.

You will be asked to complete a specific task on the website, so see how easy it is for the general public to complete it. You will speak your thoughts aloud, so the developers will see if there is any problem with the website

Mobile Testing is also a great way to earn money online with User testing websites. In order to get hired as a Mobile Tester, you will need to own a specific smartphone and qualify for their sample test.


If you are OK to take phone calls from clients, by staying at home and making money, then this is a good fit for you!!

Working as a Telecommuter, you work from home and take calls via Skype or Phone, without the need to leave your house. As a Telecommuter, you will need to have good Communication skills and time management skills. Take this quick test to see if you are a good fit for a Telecommuter job role!! 

The best website to look for these kind of jobs is the  Snagajob Website, in the remote category. 

There is also Fiverr, Remotely or Weworkremotely websites you can look for these kind of jobs too


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