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    Manifesting Your Dreams

    Why Won`t My Dreams Manifest? Are you trying to get your dreams to manifest, but no matter what you do, they just fail to manifest.  You have watched the film ‘The secret’ so many times, that, you know it word for word! But you are still waiting for you dreams to manifest!! One of the biggest ways to get your dreams manifested, is to be grateful for everything you have now. If you are not grateful for everything you have now, then why should the universe give you anything else? It’s basically same as what your Mother & Father taught you when you were growing up, to be grateful for…

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    Basic SEO For Beginners

    Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links!! This means i get paid commission if you buy anything using my links. This does not increase the price for you, the company pays me out of the money you pay, but you will not get it cheaper anywhere else online!! SEO is super important to get found online, if you don`t have basic SEO, then you will find it hard to get found online, but how do we do it? The key to SEO on your blog is through, what we call long tailed keywords, these are short sentences that will attract the focused people in your niche!! We…

  • Free samples by mail
    Free Samples By Mail


    Are you having a battle with your weight management? Are you constantly feeling tired and have no energy? You have heard of Smart Coffee, but you are wondering what it is? WE ARE THE SAMPLE FIRST COMPANY FOREVER!! We operate differently to every other direct marketing company, as in we let you try our products first, before you buy it. This way, you get to see if you like the product first, before you pay for it. There is still a 30 day money back guarantee, that if you are not happy with it, we will refund it, no questions asked!! This is because we are 150% sure that you…

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    This post contains some affiliate links, that if you click on them and purchase the product, then I will get some commission from the sale. This does not increase the price for you, in any way, the commission is paid out of the price that you pay for the program.  The law of Attraction is one of the natural laws!! It is exactly the same as the Law of Gravity, if you throw a ball up in to the air, you expect it to come back to earth again. If you jump off a cliff, you expect to hit the bottom very hard indeed(please do not try this at home,…

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    So you keep hearing about the benefits of coffee for weight loss, but you don`t see it in the supermarkets or health shops. You are desperately wanting to lose weight, but really struggling to do it!! Or you have seen the Coffee online, but you find it really expensive, especially if it does not work. You have been put off buying it because of the price. But you so really need to lose weight and the other diets you have already tried and they have not worked for you!! So why, you ask, is our coffee totally different? Where Does The Magic Come From? The magic comes from the totally…

  • How To Manifest Your Dreams

    How Do I Manifest In The Next 24 Hours?

    Manifesting your dreams has been the talk of lots of people for hundreds of years, this is why a lot of Fairy Tales were created. But it has been talked about so much more now, ever since the film ‘The Secret’ was released and people started realizing about the ‘Law of Attraction’, has become in peoples conversations and thoughts. But the film makes it look and sound so easy, but if it is so easy as the film portrays, then why is it, that not many people are so rich? Are you trying to get your dreams manifested, but nothing you try is working and your dreams seem a million…

  • starting from zero, Fred Lam
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    Fred Lam started out like everyone else, stuck washing dishes in a Restaurant and absolutely hating it. He used the money he earned to start a Shopify store and dropshipped all his products to his customers, direct from China.  This has made him a very successful Entrepreneur and made him a Millionaire. Now he is sharing what he did to get out of the job he hated and become one of the best known entrepreneurs.His YouTube channel is a hub of advice to help people be successful as him online. Fred Lam is a very well known entrepreneur, that has made millions with Drop shipping business. Starting from scratch, he…

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    How To Build A Free Email List From Your Blog

    Once upon a time people would give you their email addresses for nothing, they would give you their Email addresses, just for the sake of giving you their Email address. The word ‘Spam’ just did not exist, people were just happy to receive Emails. Emails were so few at this time, nobody in their personal life were using them. They might be using them in their work life, but personally, nobody really knew their email address and nobody understood how profitable they could be for marketing. So to actually get an Email, was so exciting and people loved to open them….. Now People Hate Spam Emails – So They Hate…

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    Getting The Best From Pinterest Marketing Strategy

    Do You Need More Hits On Your Website? Are You Needing More Customers? Then one of the biggest keys to getting tons of Traffic to your websites, is by utilizing Pinterest!! Social Media like Facebook is good for getting traffic too, but it is so much slower and you have to put in so much work to get the momentum built up to get the flow of Traffic that you need to smash the sales target.  Instagram is supposed to be the up and coming Social Media channel, but the way that Instagram works, is the only web link you can have is on your main page. This is the…

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    Every Business Needs Customers, Otherwise You Will Not Have A Business For Very Long!! But How Can You Ensure You Are Getting A Steady Stream Of Customers? Customers are the lifeline to every Business, like I said above, if you have no customers then you really do not have a Business. But getting the steady stream of customers can be quite frustrating & time consuming. One of the key factors in getting new customers is having the know, like & trust factor with your customers. But it is harder to build this with new customers, so the best customers you can target are the ones that have already purchased off…

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